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b.1982, Zagreb, Croatia

Lives and works in Zagreb



M.A. at Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia (Art, Painting)



2019 Distinct realities, Potemka Gallery, Leipzig

2018 Memory and conflict, Gallery Karas, Zagreb

2017 Collective dreams, Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb

2016 Factory, Gallery Simulaker, Novo Mesto

2015 Product, Gallery Poola, Pula


2014 Product, Museum of Mali lošinj, Mali Lošinj

         Better than reality, Gallery Zuccato, Poreč

         Product, Gallery Josip Račić, Zagreb


2013 Factory, Gallery Karas, Zagreb

2012 World to come, Gallery Događanja, Zagreb

2011 Atomic Landscapes, Gallery Cekao, Zagreb

2010 Atomic Landscapes, Gallery SC, Zagreb




2019  De/construction of a painting, Croatian artists residents in Leipzig, Karas Gallery Zagreb


2019    5th Biennale of painting - The Leipzig connection, HDLU, Zagreb


2018    Searching for reality-Jadranka Fatur and hyperreal, 

                   Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

            Traces of water, HDLU, Zagreb


2017    4th Biennale of painting, HDLU, Zagreb

            THT PRIZE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


2016    51st Zagreb Salon “Challenges to Humanism”, HDLU, Zagreb

            Exporting Zagreb - Constructing the Present of Memory, National Museum,               Gdansk, PL


2015    3rd Biennal of painting, HDLU, Zagreb

            Second CEE Countries Contemporary Art Exhibition,    

                       Ningbo Museum of art, CHN 


2014    Mundus vadit retro, Gallery KIBLA, Maribor, SI

            32nd Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb


2013     New Croatian realism, HAZU, Zagreb

             2nd Biennal of painting, HDLU, Zagreb 

             53rd Annual Art must be beautiful, Poreč

             48th Zagreb Salon, HDLU, Zagreb 

             T-HT prize, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


2012     Pars Pro Toto, Loft Sevigne, Paris, F 

             31st Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb 

             Erste Fragments 8, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb 


2011     The other reality: emerging Croatian painters, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna

             1st Biennal of painting, HDLU, Zagreb 


2010     22nd Slavonia Biennal, Gallery of Visual Arts, Osijek

             45th Zagreb Salon, HDLU, Zagreb 

             30th Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb



2017 HPB prize for the best young artist

2012 ERSTE Bank, New Fragments, First Prize 



Erste Bank, Zagreb, Croatia

Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia